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UTC/Zulu Houston, TX

Charter One
7930 Airport Blvd
Houston, TX 77061
Aircraft Acquisition Requirements: We have customers ready to purchase the following aircraft:

Cessna Citation Excel, Challenger 604, Cessna Citation Bravo, King Air 350 and King Air 90.

Contact Charter One Aircraft Sales by phone: 713.649.0101 or Email:
Aircraft Acquisition and Operation
Companies and individuals purchase or lease aircraft to accomplish their business and personal travel objectives without the limitations on availability, flexibility, and productivity associated with Airline Travel. The acquisition, sale, ownership and operation of private aircraft generate numerous federal, state and local tax, FAA and contract issues.

Charter One has decades of experience acquiring and operating aircraft for the benefit of our clients. You will benefit from our experience by our ability to:

  • Identify critical issues when negotiating aircraft purchase agreements
  • Understand the nature of basic financial structures
  • Understand the issues pertaining to purchase contracts for new and used aircraft
  • Analyze the crucial terms in operating leases, such as maintenance, operating restrictions and remedies
  • Grasp the distinction between operating leases vs. finance leases
  • Explain the real total cost of aircraft ownership
  Aircraft Upgrade or Sales
Changing business and ownership needs prompt some aircraft owners to sell their aircraft or to exchange their aircraft for aircraft more closely tailored to their needs. Charter One understands the aircraft market. We will determine the real value of your aircraft. We might recommend changes to increase the value and expedite the sale.
Optional Revenue Stream
Your aircraft could be generating revenue when you are not using it. A management agreement is an option that would allow Charter One to place your aircraft in its Charter operation. This additional income can help offset some of your costs and make your aircraft a valuable company asset.