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Charter One's Super King Air 250

Designed for comfort and all-weather flight, the Super King Air 250 was the first aircraft to become synonymous with corporate travel. Enjoy the comfort and flexibility of our Super King Air without compromising your travel budget.

King Air's are the most popular turbo props. For distances around 400 miles the flight times are not much different from private jets.

Especially economical for shorter, multi-airport trips, the King Air 250 is able to use thousands of smaller local, as well as major airports.

Cruising up to 35,000 ft and 300 - 345 mph, above most of the weather for your comfort and safety.

Comfortable individual chairs for 6 - 8 passengers.

Snacks, beverages and drinks from the refreshment center are provided in-flight. Catered meals are available on request.

A "belted potty" facility is included in the aft cabin area.

Passenger Seats 6 (7 including Lav seat)
Crew 1 (Co-pilot on request)
Range 1,800 Nautical Miles
Cruising Speed 290 Knots
Performance Very Good
Luggage Large internal baggage area
Toliet Yes
Refreshment Center Yes

Key Advantages

  • For trips under 400 miles near "jet" times
  • Access to many "smaller" airports
  • Comfortable Cabin for up to 7

More Information can be found at the manufacturer's website: beechcraft.txtav.com/en/king-air-250