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Charter One's Cessna Citation Bravo
Medium Range Light Jet : A Safe and Affordable Option
Base Price: $2,400 plus Fuel Surcharge

The high-performance Cessna Citation line is the standard for light-jets. The Bravo meets it right in the middle, and is the perfect blend of performance, economy and luxury.

From the wide airstair entry to the comfortable accommodations of the interior, you’ll enjoy a relaxing ride to your destination.

This jet will fit 6 comfortably with up to 8 if needed.

Passenger Seats 8
Crew 2
Range 1,340 Nautical Miles
Cruising Speed 380 Knots
Performance Very Good
Luggage Tail Baggage Compartment
Toliet No
Refreshment Center Yes

Key Advantage

  • Can accomodate shorter runways
  • Economic Cost at Jet Speeds
  • Comfortable Cabin for up to 8

More Information can be found at the manufacturer's website: http://bravo.cessna.com/