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Charter One's Hawker 800XP & 800A
Long Range Mid size jet: A Safe and Reliable Option

Designed for comfort and all-weather flight, the Hawker 800XP & 800A

The Hawker 800XP and 800A are extremely popular choices within the Mid category.They can handle transcontinental flights non-stop, but also maintain good short range capabilities. The Hawker 800's blend of cruise speed, performance and comfort make this jet a popular choice.

Cruising up to 41,000 ft and 440 - 460 knots, above most of the weather for your comfort and safety.

Comfortable individual chairs for 5 and a 3 place couch.

Snacks, beverages and drinks from the refreshment center are provided in-flight. Catered meals are available on request.

A full lavatory is included in the aft cabin area.

Passenger Seats 8
Crew 2
Range 2,500 Nautical Miles
Cruising Speed 460 Knots
Performance Excellent
Luggage Large interior baggage
Toliet Yes
Refreshment Center Yes

Key Advantage

  • Access to many "smaller" airports
  • Comfortable Cabin for up to 8

More Information can be found at the manufacturer's website: http://hawker.txtav.com/en



Hawker 800XP