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For The Buyer

Charter One is uniquely positioned to find that perfect aircraft for your needs. Charter One will meet with you one-on-one to determine your real needs. We evaluate your normal trip requirements. We will then recommend a class of aircraft to meet your needs. After you approve, Charter One will locate aircraft to meet your needs.

When Charter One has located an aircraft meeting your target needs, we will arrange for inspections to verify the aircraft condition, negotiate ever detail of the purchase including price, needed repairs, and upgrades.

Charter One does all the work of searching the market and investigating specific aircraft to insure you obtain an aircraft that truly meets your needs. You only need to approve the Charter One's recommendations and relax.

For The Seller

At Charter One, we understand that the time may come to sell your aircraft. Whatever the reason may be, our knowledge will get you through the hassle of selling your aircraft with ease.

Charter One will analyze the market and develop a marketing plan for the sale. When you approve, we will proceed to market your aircraft in a professional manner using all available resources to get your aircraft sold as soon as possible.